La Dueña Mexican Kitchen

La Dueña Mexican Kitchen is a locally owned and operated food truck established in 2022. Growing up in Michoacan and  Guerrero Mexico, Antonia obtained these recipes and cooking skills from her mother. Antonia grew up only knowing fresh, high-quality, humble recipes, which continues at La Dueña Mexican Kitchen. Antonia always had a lifelong dream to have her own restaurant, and she finally convinced her husband it was time to start!

Antonia cooking with her mother in Mexico.

In our first year in business, we have built up a very healthy local clientele and hope to continue to strive to increase that tradition. All ingredients are fresh and homemade.  Some herbs, fruits, and vegetables are grown in their onsite garden and used in their dishes during the summer.  

Few, if any, Southwest restaurants serve QuesaBirria Taco, our number one seller. We put all of our efforts into making our incredible meals. We provide comfortable seating for our customers for outdoor dining or while they wait for their to-go orders. La Dueña is also pet friendly!

Every customer is treated like family, and they respond the same. Our customers help create a very comfortable atmosphere. Our goal is to serve the best authentic Mexican food you have ever had and provide it with friendly service.


Our mission is to provide homestyle Mexican food from Michoacan, Mexico, and Guerrero regions.  Many of our customers have never had, or even heard of popular dishes like Sopes, Huaraches, and chicken taquitos. We take no shortcuts in the preparation of our food, nor do we use pre-packaged ingredients.  La Dueña uses only the very best and most fresh ingredients. Due to the quality of the ingredients, we are only open four days a week. What are we doing the other three days a week? Prepping all the fresh ingredients! Come check out our high-quality food and friendly service today.

Garry and Antonia (Owners of La Dueña Mexican Kitchen) have been married for almost twenty years. Garry has been in Moab, Utah, for over thirty years, worked and played throughout the area as a guide and for the National Park Service. He met Antonia in 2004 and fell in love with her and her Mexican cooking. They have made Moab their home for all these years and want to provide this great Mexican food to the locals and visitors of Moab, Utah.

Great food is meant to be shared with friends and family. Visit us today and experience all that our authentic food truck has to offer. We look forward to serving you soon!

Meet the team

Antonia & Tiffany

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